Passion Noir™ – Impro Theatre (US)

13. juni 2019@19:30-20:30

Fra Los Angeles kommer kompaniet Impro Theatre som virkelig har tatt improvisert teater til nye høydare. De fyller saler med plass til 1200 publikummere og har nailet sjangre som: Twilight Zone, Tennessee Williams, Shakespeare, Jane Austen m.flere.Til Den Andre Teaterfestivalen 2019 kommer de med to forestillinger,- «Passion Noir™» og «Play Unscripted». Førstnevnte er en klassisk film noir, og den andre er et improvisert moderne teaterstykke. Improvisert teater som er så gjennomført og bra at det rett og slett er vrient å tro på at det ikke finnes noe manus.



From Los Angeles, the company Impro Theatre has taken improvised theatre to new heights. They fill stages with over 1000 seatings and have nailed genres such as: Twilight Zone, Tennessee Williams, Shakespeare, Jane Austen and others.They bring two performances to Den Andre Teaterfestivalen 2019 : ‘Passion Noir ™’ and ‘Play Unscripted’. The former is a classic film noir, the latter is an impromptu modern play. Improvised theatre so finely played and put together that it is hard to believe that there is no script behind.


The contrast of sunny Southern California and the dark and seedy underbelly of post world war 2 Los Angeles is the setting for ‘Passion Noir™’. Using author James M. Cain as inspiration (Double Indemnity, Postman Always Rings Twice, Mildred Pierce), the ensemble embodies the working stiffs and femme fatales inspired by Cain’s popular novels. From the back alleys of Downtown to the manicured lawns of Beverly Hills, Impro Theatre delivers hard hitting, completely improvised tales of seduction and murder.

This show is performed in English

“These angels with dirty faces play well with pulp.”
-Los Angeles Times

“A hysterical riot full of passionate intentions, mischievous glances and death…gets you hooked and wanting to come back for more.”
-LA Weekly

Directed by Jo McGinley.

Jo McGinley
Stephen Kearin
Kari Coleman Secor
Lights & Sound: Alex Caan

Don’t miss Impro Theatre’s other play ‘PLAY UNSCRIPTED’ on Sunday 16 June @ 17:00!