Fortellerfestivalen: From The Woods

By and with Markus Luukkonen
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From the Woods

By and with Markus Luukkonen

“I looked at the endless Indian Ocean and realised I was completely in the wrong place.”

From the Woods is a combination of dreams, reality, roses and confusion. A journey that the teller and the audience take together. The path is travelled with bicycles, sailing boats, imagination, sausages and spells...


Finland is a land of endless forests and thousands of lakes. The forest is sacred, but it’s also the edge of the civilised world; an unknown and frightening place. The devil might be lurking behind the trees; creatures watching from the undergrowth. Which are friends and which are foes? And how can you be sure?

In From The Woods Markus weaves traditional tales from his native Finland with narratives from his own life. The result is a string of stories about love, death, and dreaming, told in Markus’ down-to-earth, interactive and dynamic style.

The performance premiered in Finland in 2014 with the title ”Mun nimi ei ole Matti”. It has been performed widely at various European storytelling clubs and festivals.

Performed in English.

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