English show!

An elegant excavation of unexpected secrets.

Places hold many secrets – a home, a house, a train carriage, perhaps a park bench or a tram stop. Improvisors take inspiration from these treasure troves of memory and craft surprising and delightful worlds. Join us for an engaging and emotive show that unearths personal stories and comedic treasures!

LUGARES (PLACES) invites members of the audience to describe a special setting. This glimpse into an inner world might describe a house of a grandparent, an attic room lived in during college, or a car you commute in. The improvisers create exciting new stories and parallel worlds that will change the way we see the spaces around us, and connect us to our own personal places. This is improvised theatre that is crafty, challenging and adventurous.

Lugares was a result of an international collaboration and created by Felipe Ortiz (Colombia), Patti Stiles (Australia), Jim Libby (Austria), Mike Kennard (Canada) and Sarah Michaelson (Canada).

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