Of Moonset and The Milky Way (AUS)

Written and performed by Stuart Bowden
Stuart Bowden is back in Oslo!
Of Moonset and the Milky Way landscape

30 candles for 30 cakes; 900 birthday candles. It was a spectacular idea, but she never arrived. The sun gets too much credit when it sets, with its fancy colour and light. This is a celebration of the other bit, of a cold, crisp departure.

He lives alone now. He woke up and climbed out of bed, but he went with his hands first. He got a new fridge delivered. He sleeps in its cardboard box. He also just discovered he can stop time. A story told by a tiny, prehistoric sea creature – the first ever living thing on earth. It’s been floating around for ages, watching everything. This is the latest creation by award winning theatre maker Stuart Bowden; a musical feast of ethereal melancholia and storytelling weirdness.

“The music laps at you like waves – it’s gentle and rolling, becoming intense and visceral at times. Bowden’s soundscape immerses you fully in the world of his deeply broken protagonist. It’s philosophical and psychologically introspective, and gets you thinking long after you leave the theatre. Of Moonset is simply stunning. Bowden gently takes your hand, shyly leads you up the hill to watch the moon, and then takes you through the rest of time in a beautiful hour that lasts a lifetime.”

Review | Laura Money | Forth Wall Media


Stuart Bowden is an Australian theatre maker. He makes both self devised solo theatre and works professionally as an actor, writer, director and musician. His work has garnered multiple awards and nominations in Australia and the UK, and has been presented in London, Bristol, Brighton, Exeter, Edinburgh, Belfast, Prague, Oslo, Kristiansand, Tromsø, Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, Auckland, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Sydney.

Praise for previous work: 'Weirdly magical' (Scotsman on Before Us). 'Master theatre maker' (Stage on Wilting in Reverse). 'Stunning' (Advertiser, Adelaide on She Was Probably Not a Robot).

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