Onsdag 31. jul. 2024

Good Luck, Cathrine Frost!

A comedy show about philosophy, child birth and public health. With some help from dubstep and karate.
London + Edinburgh Fringe! (UK)
Lykke til Cathrine AHU 18

Smash-hit solo-show from the award-winning Det Andre Teatret is finally coming to Edinburgh! “Good Luck, Cathrine Frost!” has been nominated for the prestigious Hedda Award as BEST THEATER PLAY, and has played to sold-out houses since opening in 2022. An existential comedy theatre show about philosophy, childbirth and public health - with a touch of dubstep and karate.

Did you know Socrates was pregnant? Oh yes, all the time! He and his colleagues in Athens actually believed that they were giving birth on a regular basis. They gave life to something immortal, pure and civilized: IDEAS! Now it’s Cathrine Frost's turn to put on the toga and take over the reins of the civilization’s cradle. And frankly, she has terms.

"Good luck, Cathrine Frost!" tells the true story of Cathrine Frost, her urge to have a child, and her encounter with the world after becoming a mother. Blending equal measures of humor and seriousness, Cathrine breaks down our view of what it means to be a mother and how we relate to the ordinary, existential act of being born. Oh, and how Socrates “forgot” to talk about it.

"Cathrine Frost uses philosophy in a snarky and funny way to talk about women's health" - ★★★★★☆ Aftenposten

"Theatre is reborn, with a single, female protagonist." - Sivilisajonen.no

"Frost makes the audience both laugh and cry" - A-Magasinet

"Wonderful and whimsical Cathrine Frost. A gem of a show! - Viggo Venn, BGT Winner 2023

"An absolutely insanely good show." - Lars Berrum, Comedian

"Funny, important and moving about the beginning of life." - Christian Mikkelsen, TV host

"Socrates gets punishment, an introduction to pankration and the roughest birth story ever! Thank you, Cathrine Frost." - Sigrid Bonde Tusvik, Comedian


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